Welcome Note

We live in interesting times. These are times that have challenged most of us out of our comfort zones. Times that have called on us to make a difference.

At MyKasiNews.co.za, we are still focused on our core goal. That goal is still to empower and nurture our young people across Mzansi’s sprawling rural and urban townships. We want these news gatherers to bring you content you can engage and be proud of, while we also work on continuously honing their skills when it comes to running a profitable news operation, that’s locally based and focused.

We are working towards content that you’d like to read. No just the run of the mill of the stuff. We are aware that readers, too, get news fatigued as the wheel of news can be overwhelming.

We don’t want to do that. Yet, we want to keep you informed with a site that is continuously refreshing not only its content, but also design that’s fresh and you can associate with.

The aim of the site when founded was that there are a lot of good stories, characterised by excellent people, across amakasi wethu, hence we started this site. These are people changing not only their lives, but also of those around them.

We would like to be besides such people. The same people whom we identify with. The same people seeking change and a better cycle of news delivery. As we gradually march on, we want to be the deliverers of that cycle. We are ready to turn it, for the betterment of where we live.  

We are aware of challenges facing our country. As a media platform with an objective of being multi-faceted, we want to work with social partners in our communities to not only build and engage, but also to advise and embrace the need for economic empowerment and advancement. That’s a key objective.

March with us. We are here to stay. We call on you to praise and raise concerns with us. We are ready to listen, while we also, without fail, self-introspect on what we are doing, and why we are doing it.

Talk to us, engage, embrace as we all seek to lift and enrich others.

Reggy Moalusi

Co-Founding Editor



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