Lungelo believes charity begins eLoxion


Lungelo Mgaga is from Dobsonville, Soweto. He is the co-founder of Loxion fruits and beverages, a 100% fruit juice blend.

A hard working person, his upbringing was blessed with both parents always there for him.

“My parents taught me good moral values, humanity and respect. The business was established on 15 September, 2019,” said Lungelo.

“I was exposed to the retail industry at an early age.”

Lungelo wakes up early in the morning, reads a book “to refresh myself and then go to the factory to check my emails and hold meetings with team members”.

“After the meetings I start producing the juice.”

Lungelo describes himself as a hard working person, whose drive is to build Mzansi’s economy despite the challenges brought by Covid-19.

“My aim is to create more job opportunities and get our economy going,” he told MyKasiNews.

He faced a variety of challenges, these included getting start-up capital, getting the branding and packaging formula right and identifying the right market for his product.

His motto is: don’t doubt your dreams, don’t doubt your ideas.

“Be passionate, it’s possible to overcome your challenges and succeed. I want to see Loxion Fruits exposed to the international market.

“I believe a lot still needs to be done though. And it starts here at home. Definitely, I would love to see Loxion Fruits competing with giants such as Coca-Cola,” he said.

His main focus is using brand activation as the marketing tool and social media to turn things around for kasi brands.

Lungelo’s definition of success is: moving from nothing to achieving great things and giving opportunities to people around you.

“A successful blue chip brand, mass job creation and entrepreneurship opportunities is the way to go.

We need to start believing in ourselves, our ideas and investing in the kasi economy. Like the Jews and the Muslims, we should start buying from each other and support each other’s businesses.”

Lungelo regards entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs as modern-day economy saviors.

“Entrepreneurship is THE model that will get us out of the current high unemployment abyss. A strong business model, with strategic planning and innovation can help create jobs and open the markets,” he said.


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