Mohale shocked by Somizi’s 50% estate claim


South African actor and radio personality Mohale Motaung denied his estranged husband Somizi Mhlongo’s claim that he wanted 50% of his estate in their divorce.

Mohale said he was shocked to hear this because in a letter sent to Somizi’s lawyers he only requested his clothing, a car and money from their Showmax wedding special.

“I was shocked yet again when I was told he says I want 50% of his assets. The first letter we sent to Somizi on 25 June 2021 stated that I want my clothing, I wanted the car which he bashed, I want the money for the wedding, which belongs to both of us and that was it,” he said in his special Mohale: On The Record.

“His response to the letter that we sent out to him, that he sent back to us … he’s the one who suggested that we go for division of the joint estate,” he added.

Somizi slammed Mohale in an episode of Living the Dream with Somizi season five. He called Mohale a robber, con artist and a money heist.

“You don’t just walk into someone else’s life, do nothing and expect to leave with everything. That is… you’re a con artist, you’re a shoplifter, you’re a robber. Actually, there’s another one, money heist,” he said.

So, how did he feel about being slammed by Somizi and MaMkhize? Well, he said he had no comment but cleared the air on the 50%.

“I did not understand why he would go and lie and say I want 50% of his estate. When there is the truth and lawyers’ letters between his attorneys and mine that clearly state that I am not (asking for 50%). I will tell my truth. With resorting to calling me names, I really don’t have much to comment on,” he said.


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