New book to challenge and inspire readers to stay motivated


For a book title, it sounds interesting yet at the same time can be regarded as cheeky, or intimidating, yet all it’s meant to do is inspire.

To Whom it May Concern is a book title that will focus on motivating both the young and old, while it seeks to encourage and enlighten them on challenges they face daily.

The book is penned by the couple, Nthabiseng Lekgetho and Boys ‘DJ Grizzly’ Mnguni.

Nthabiseng is the chief executive officer of My We’V, while his boyfriend, DJ Grizzly runs Wild West Media House, based in Kagiso, on the West Rand.

DJ Grizzly told MyKasiNews: “The book will be filled with quotes to motivate people when it comes to current and future difficult encounters, both emotional and spiritual. It is meant to guide, reassure and mostly strengthen the core of the soul for those that need it and to those that were unaware that they needed it.”

Central to the messaging of the book will be how to rebuild yourself, create internal and external strength and how to unlock the priceless gift that is knowledge, which can be shared.

Nthabiseng said: “The targeted readers will be anyone between the ages of 13 and 45. It will be for teens who are yet to figure out their way in this world. We have realised even those who are motivated and more mature, need reassuring every now and then.

“The book is thoroughly crafted for the enjoyment of all genders and race.”

The duo said they will be self-publishing the book and are open to sponsorship and assistance, mostly from those who have walked the book publishing path before.

After that, they intend approaching book distributors and stores as they look at collaborating to make the project a success, which earnestly started two years ago.

Nthabiseng said the whole point was not to only reach the greater communities of Mogale City, but go beyond and inspire other youth across Mzansi.

DJ Grizzly said the book will have five chapters as a handbook. They have been editing as they write, with the assistance of several book clubs, seeing them completing around 10 sections of the book.

The research was completed through interviews with those in their midst, sharing experiences, with some being experiences.
The planned release date of the book is February 2022.


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