Thabiso makes the right Conexions


Thabiso Victoria Masoga is the founder and owner of Tharia’s Conexions. She was born in Limpopo. She was eight, her family relocated to Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga, where they’re currently residing.

A movie fanatic, Thabiso’s typical day kicks off with her watching movies.

“Thereafter, I’d have something to eat and then read books. My current read is by Simphiwe Molaba titled, When Life Gives You Lemons,” she said.

Thabiso is driven by one life principle: be your own cheerleader!

“If you do not motivate and support yourself, no one else will. So, be there for YOU.”

Waking up each morning, Thabiso wants to chase her dreams, especially during tough times.

“The reason I get up in the morning is that I do not want to be the person I was yesterday.

“If I fail today, I keep trying until I eventually get it right. I am pushed by wanting to achieve my goals. I have always wanted to make my parents proud. I pursue that on a daily basis and in the process, I do not want to fail myself.”

The young entrepreneur was confronted with challenges along the way, but this did not deter her from working toward and reaching her dreams.

“At some point, I did not know what it was I wanted to do. Growing up, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer but then did not qualify to study Law.

“I enrolled for Linguistics. That’s when I realised working with words was my passion. I had to search and search until I found what I was comfortable doing.”

Her advice to Kasi youngsters, who are faced with many challenges: keep going, it may seem dark and there is no hope. Keep going.

Tharia’s Conexions, which Thabiso founded after graduating in 2017, came about when she couldn’t find work.

“I decided to start editing for people,” she told MyKasiNews.

“We do not do assignments for people, we only help edit and proofread their work.

“We do translation from Sepedi to English and vice-versa. We also do school textbooks. Recently, we ventured into selling phone cases.”

Short-term, Thabiso sees Tharia’s Conexions growing to be a bigger brand “that helps children in my community with reading, writing and editing”.

“In my community, we don’t have a library and children are not interested in reading. Tharia’s Conexions aims to establish a mini-library to help make reading fun.”

Thabiso’s long-term goal is to open a bookshop, library and other entities that will supply books to kids in the community.

About Kasi brands and their exposure in Mzansi, she said: “I think it is a great initiative to see young people  showcasing their individual talents and thriving to become entrepreneurs.

“I support Kasi brands and that is one other thing that motivated me to do my own thing,” she asserts.

“I’d love to see Kasi brands grow. Young people should be creative and think out of the box and start their own things.”

Thabiso maintains that social media, marketing, advertising and word of mouth can be used as tools to elevate Kasi brands.

In her book, success is doing something and getting results.

“I want people to know and remember Thabiso as a passionate believer in doing her own thing. Own it. That’s the legacy I want leave behind.

“Entrepreneurship can help solve Mzansi’s unemployment challenges facing today’s youth. They should discover their talents. Be your own boss and make money while you’re at it!”


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